Hello, guest!


Ms. K.K Canada
I want to thankyou for the lovely dolls.  I have received them in excellent condition and they are so beautiful.  I will definite visit your store when I have a chance to visit Japan.


The dolls are beautiful and in good condition. Those will really look fabulous on my wedding day plus the guests will surely be happy.  Thank you so much again. I would definitely  purchase some dolls in the future from you since I am collecting kokeshi dolls..
Mr. S.W Switzerland
I received my kokeshis yesterday and I was surprised how fast it came by me!
 Thank you very much for the 10% discount, it's very kind.
 yours products are wonderful, more beautiful in real than on the pictures of the website.
 For sure I will recommend your website to my friends because when they will have a look at my kokeshis, they will be jealous.


Thank you so much for the beautiful kokeshi dolll -delivered in just three days from Japan to United Kingdom and beautifully gift wrapped too - this was first order from you - it will not be the last -thank you for such excellent service. I  recommend you most highly. thank you. 


Ms. E.C Greece
I want to thank you again for everything, they are fantastic and thework is very very beautiful, I am really pleased with the result! Theyarrived this morning in my house and since that time all I am doing islooking at them!!! You made me feel like a child and I got very emotional..
thank you for the beautiful job you did, I believe all my guest will be delighted!


Ms. I.P Oman
Dear Sir, After Compliments! I wish to thank you very sincerely for the discount on Harudayori & the VERY PROMPT delivery of the order. She is a beautiful Kokeshi doll & it was a most pleasant shopping experience. I very much admire your creativity & also very much appreciate your craftmanship & professionalism. Wishing you all the very best. Kind regards,


Ms. I. O B Spain
Just CONGRATULATE you for this wonderful pieces of ART!!! They are Beautiful and inspiring


Mr. W. G The Netherlands
I would like you to know that today I have received the kokeshi's that I ordered. They are really beautiful.
I hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to visit your factory.
Thank you.Kind regards,


Ms. J. L.W  Australia
Thank you ever so much for my beautiful kokeshi! It arrived this 
morning. I can't believe that it only took 3 days to arrive. Thank you.


Ms. M.R Poland
Hello!Thank you very much. I get my dolls very quiskly, they are very beautiful.


Ms. A.C France
I received the Kokeshi dolls I ordered today. It was so fast.They are really nice and the package was  lovely. I am already thinking about my next order.
Thank you very much for sending the kokeshi dolls that I ordered.  I was so surprised to receive them less than two days from when I ordered them!  They are beautiful.  I enjoy doing business with you.  Your products are so well-made and beautiful.  I have been buying from you for a while now and will continue to in the future.  I am already making my Christmas shopping list.  Please enjoy the summer and I wish all of you good health and good fortune.  Thank you. 


Ms.M.S  Virginia USA
Dear Sir, Thanks you so much for the beautiful Kokeshi dolls that I ordered.  I was so surprised that they came so quickly.  I have ordered from you before and I am always very happy with your dolls.  They are beautiful.  I have been to your factory when I lived in Japan and I recommend it to everyone I know.  You will make Christmas a wonderful day this year for many people-including myself.  Thank you again for a wonderful product and extremely fast service.
I wish you and all of your employees a wonderful New Year filled with good health and happiness and love.   


Ms. R.W  Scotland
Delighted with our order of dolls, lovely quality and beautifully wrapped.
Many thanks


Ms. S . O  USA
Received my Kokeshi today, and they are beautiful.   Even better than they looked in pictures.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am.  I will be doing business with you in the future.Thank you!


Mr. R.V  Netherlands
Today yourTachibina-kokeshi arrived in perfect order.
They are very beautiful and I like them very much. They make a great addition to my small, yet growing kokeshi collection.Thank you very much.


I received goods,they are very beautiful, I like very much, thankyou.


This mail is to inform you that today my Kokeshi Doll,Hahanohi, is arrived safely to my house!
It is very beatiful. It will be a great present to my mother!
Thank you again..... see you for the next order.


Ms. F.M  CA, USA
I have received the kokeshi dolls on Thursday afternoon. I'm very satisfied with the usaburo kokeshi dolls. They are wonderful. I think I'll order more kokeshi dolls from you soon.Thank you, arigato


Ms. S.F  FL, USA
I just received my order today. Thank you! They are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship! Even the tiniest one "neko no sari" is just so cute!  Thank you for shipping my order so quickly.  On "Kaoru", I noticed there is extra writing on the box.  Is there any meaning to this?
 Also, I was informed that I could buy other kokeshi artist dolls from you.  For instance, "Sekiguchi, Toua/Sekiguchi, Sansaku/Kaoru"  If this is correct, can you please help me? I would like to buy kokeshi from them too.  Do you have a catalog?
 Again, thank you so much for the beautiful kokeshi dolls!


Hello.  I received my shipment of kokeshi today.  Thank you very much.  I am very pleased.  All are beautiful.


Mr. M.S  PA, USA
Thank you for your recent delivery.  I was greatly pleased with the quality,
appearance, and packaging of the kokeshi that arrived.  I must also say that the speed of processing and delivery was remarkable, arriving at my home in the Northeastern United States only 3.5 days after the order was placed! 
Thank you again for your exceptional product and service, I look forward to conducting further business in the future.


M&G Vancouver,Canada
Hi, I just want to thank you for your on-line service.
When we traveled around Japan, we found kokeshi every where in the Kanto and Tohoku regions. My Canadian husband found it very cute especially Usaburo's kokeshi.
Heparticularly likes the moderate expressions seen on the faces of these simple dolls and the wooden arts.
So we visited your factory in Gunma prefecture on our way and bought 10 kokeshi dolls. This was the start of our Usaburo's kokeshi collection. Now we have 34 dolls and this includes the biggest one in size which is cute and very gorgeous. This collection impresses our family, friends, and neighbors. We have ordered many kokeshi including the biggest one from this website site.We like the on-line shopping system very much because it is a good way of buying the heavy items. Regarding theon-line shopping discount and the shipping cost, they are very beneficial because we are able to get our kokeshi quicker and easier than before. We greatly appreciate your work and service.


Ms. J.W   NH, USA
The Boku Kokeshi dolls arrived today and are wonderful!  Thank you very much.
I also really liked the red Kokeshi wrapping paper they were wrapped in.


Ms. S.F  FL, USA 
I received my order today and the kokeshi are beautiful.  Although the color on Syuntaigetsu looks red on the computer, the one I received looks purple. Does it come in different colors?
 I plan to order the matching kokeshi #78 Syunrai next month.


Mr J.G   CF, USA
Yes,we received the dolls and were quite pleased with the quality. Also, they were packed very carefully.We particularly liked the fine kokeshi wrapping paper. We do intend upon ordering further after I return from a trip to Chile. Domo arigato.


Ms. V.F   NJ, USA
Yes, I received the doll and I am very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you so much for sending it so quickly. 
I look forward to doing more business with you.


Ms. O.W   CA, USA
Thank you very much, I have already received the kokeshi dolls today, they are beautiful.


Mr. E.L   NY, USA
Thank You for sending my order so fast.
This is the second one I have purchased. I purchased the first when I visited your plant in Japan. I was in Japan from April 19 until May 19, 2002. I am very pleased with the dolls and they will remind me of my most pleasurable experience to Japan.
Thank you again for your quick response.


Ms. M.S   Virginia USA
Thank you very much for sending the kokeshi doll.  I have been to your store many times when I lived in Japan.  The doll came in excellent condition and it is beautiful.  Thank you very much.