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Granting of points
The customers registered as the members will be given points according to the amount of the purchase on this site. You will be given 5% of the amount of your purchase as your points. These points will be effective for three years from the final day when you are granted them. If you get new points before the term of validity of the points you already have expires, the past points will continue to be valid.

If you use your points for your payment, you will be given points for the price of the purchased product less the points you use.
Example: If you used 1,000 points when you bought a product of 3,000, you will be granted points for the purchase price minus the 1000 points used, i.e., 3,000 - 1,000 points (=1,000) = 2,000.

For the products with designated number of points, the points you use will be divided into each of the products, and points will be granted to each product after deducting the points used.

Rules for granting points

Name of serviceNumber of points grantedTime of granting points
Points for membership registration 100 points When the shipment procedures for the item ordered first are completed.
Points for orders placed 5% of the amount of the order; For the products with designated points, such designated points will be granted. When the shipment procedures for the item ordered are completed.

Using your points
If you indicate the number of points you intend to use on the order screen, the price will be deducted by the amount of the points you use. In this case, please be sure to do shopping in a log-in state.
The minimum number of points you can use at a time is 1,000 points and the maximum number, 5,000 points.

Checking your points
You can check the number of your points by logging in and viewing the record of points shown on the "My account" page.

Points designated for products
In some cases, the number of points is designated for the product. In this case, the designated points will be granted on a priority basis.